#1 in Latin America

Build trusted relationships and sell more... We help you!

Specialists in digital positioning, loyalty and generation of B2B businesses.

#1 in Latin America

Build trusted relationships and sell more... We help you!

Specialists in digital positioning, loyalty and generation of B2B businesses.


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Why MTI Selling?

We are a B2B marketing consultancy specializing in demand generation, loyalty and positioning for technology companies. +180 customers in Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Ecuador, USA and Spain have trusted us.

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Marketing as a Service
1-to-1 Prospecting
Training & Consulting
Building a Database 2.0
Cross & Up Selling




Generating one-to-one (1:1) meetings with C-levels
We generate pipeline and schedule meetings with decision makers in an open segment or named accounts, through various prospecting tools and communication channels.
Analysis of the value offer
We study and align your value with the pains of your target audience in order to design differentiation strategies that make you the preferred provider to meet those needs.
Commercial consulting
We make an in-depth analysis of the functioning of the area, establishing a detailed diagnosis, planning the measures to be adopted and guiding you so that you can apply them.
Cross and up selling analysis
We analyze the buying behavior of your installed base, to generate specific offers aimed at that segment, and create a calendar of activities to go and look for those opportunities.
We work on the 3 ABM strategies: Strategic ABM (One-to-One), ABM Lite (One-to-Few), And Programmatic ABM (One-to-Many).


Follow-up of meetings
We follow up the generated meetings, to understand your internal processes and evaluate if they are optimal to achieve your goals.
Instances of group relations
We plan approaches with your potential customers through group Digital Selling activities. As part of these activities, value is exchanged in a scalable way, obtaining quality leads with tactics of relations and networking with chambers of commerce and communities (Dark Social).
Loyalty: Initiatives for 80/20 of current customers
We analyze your customer portfolio to find your 80/20 and propose loyalty strategies.
Attendance at events
We invite your target audience to support you in meeting your goals at each event.
Intelligence and planning of events/webinars/workshops
We develop your event in a comprehensive fashion: From planning and sending invitations, to the execution of the event and follow-up of leads after the event.
We work on the 3 ABM strategies: Strategic ABM (One-to-One), ABM Lite (One-to-Few), And Programmatic ABM (One-to-Many).


Content Strategy
We design and implement a strategy of success that delivers value through the distribution of contents in different formats in social media. We build trust in your target audience, increasing awareness and positioning, which results in a greater demand for your IT service.
Video marketing (video capsules)
We create and produce video learning content communicating the value of your brand and making it stand out in the market.
LinkedIn company
We create your company page on the social network par excellence for B2B companies.
Marketing consulting
Omnichannel, strategy, content.
Building digital leaders
Influencers/employee advocacy.
Digital ad campaigns (landing pages development + SEM campaigns)
We carry them out with a focus on MQL generation.
We work on the 3 ABM strategies: Strategic ABM (One-to-One), ABM Lite (One-to-Few), and Programmatic ABM (One-to-Many).

Our Team

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Andrea Torres
Vice President & Co-founder
Sebastián Lesniewier
Ximena Hernández Buffa
Co-founder & Business Development Director
Giovanna García
Gerente de Proyectos
Elizabeth Carnovale
Marketing Manager
Luis Ruiz
Financial Controller
Ambar Torres
Administrative and HR Assistant
Alejandra Ruíz
Key Account Manager
Alejandra Pizarro
Key Account Manager
Pablo Russo
Key Account Manager
Ximena Luque
Project Leader
Navil Alfonzo
Project Leader
Lady Buitrago
Project Leader
Tanya Orozco
Content Creator
Yimmy Hernández
Lead Researcher
Adriana Escalona
Senior SDR Consultant
Daniel Arbeláez Vega
Senior SDR Consultant
Caroline De Souza
Senior SDR Consultant
Franyeli Bravo
Senior SDR Consultant
Williams Velázquez
MDR Consultant
Catherine Echeverry
Senior SDR Consultant
Juliangelys Valderrama
Senior SDR Consultant
Jesús Colina
Senior SDR Consultant
Isabel Salazar
Senior SDR Consultant
Angie Smith
Senior SDR Consultant

Our Clients

Factor CX
Meta 4
CRM & Bonus
Schneider Electric

Our Success Stories

VTEX - Mexico

VTEX is a digital commerce platform for large companies that puts businesses on a fast track to growth.

The project objective was to position the brand in Mexico and increase attendance at specialized events by industry.

Outsourcing of Marketing + Positioning

Attendance at events


Companies registered for events


Obtained contacts

Duration: 6 months

Held events

Alejandro Colin
Country Manager - VTEX

We have worked together with MTI selling with very positive outcomes! The main objective was to penetrate the Mexican market, and we have managed to hold corporate events, where we reached hundreds of companies and increased attendance of business leaders by +30%. Together we managed to generate new quality contacts that allowed us to increase our pipeline. It has been an excellent experience working with.


Attendance at events

Alejandro Colin
Country Manager - VTEX

We have worked together with MTI selling with very positive outcomes! The main objective was to penetrate the Mexican market, and we have managed to hold corporate events, where we reached hundreds of companies and increased attendance of business leaders by +30%. Together we managed to generate new quality contacts that allowed us to increase our pipeline. It has been an excellent experience working with.

We are present in




Our offices

Santiago, Chile

CDMX, México

What do our customers say

With MTI Selling, we have been able to train our sales force to prospect through Social Media. Thanks to the trainings, they have shown us their expertise and extensive knowledge, which have helped us understand the importance of enabling this channel within our company.

Social media sales require a lot of discipline and follow-up, and the MTI Selling team leads by example.

Víctor Sastré
Director General Business - Grupo Scanda

Together with MTI Selling, we have achieved a positive and particular impact in terms of visibility and positioning, both at an executive and corporate level through LinkedIn.

This has shown us that incorporating Social Selling tools is a key element in any marketing strategy.

Raül Cerdà Cordomí
Director Partner - Seidor Chile

It wasn’t a traditional project, where we searched for a contact list and delivered it to the sales team. This was a project driven by teamwork that allowed us to reach 95% of our target accounts and 25% of effective contacts, supporting the Key Account Managers work and building value, from the marketing team’s efforts to sales management.

The MTI Selling team was essential to reach our objectives this year, showing proven contact capacity, counseling expertise to reach the right target audience and an internal management team made up of over 10 Account Managers throughout Latin America. We’ve also had at our disposal the development of content on social media for the building and positioning of strategic profiles for our organization.

Andrés Ávila
Marketing Lead LATAM - Zebra Technologies

We have done several things together, and the outcomes were getting better, since we went on to have more than one influencer and created a good network of contacts.

We prospected, we were able to generate positioning and attraction. That allowed us to advance in terms of maturity, business acceleration, and have good customer loyalty.

We did something that has a lot of value!

We realized that it is extremely valuable to be able to automate the business process and now we are adapting better to remote processes and sales.

Eugenio Díaz Lucer
CEO - Prodigio Chile

We have worked together with MTI selling with very positive outcomes! The main objective was to penetrate the Mexican market, and we have managed to hold corporate events, where we reached hundreds of companies and increased attendance of business leaders by +30%. Together we managed to generate new quality contacts that allowed us to increase our pipeline. It has been an excellent experience working with.

Alejandro Colin

Together with MTI Selling we have been able to position ourselves and achieve stronger brand visibility.

Our main objective was to generate demand from an already installed base, and to be able to promote our Storage solutions.

Not only have we managed to have a 45% conversion rate in target companies, but we have also achieved 28% of meetings in the opportunity stage.

In turn, we were able to detect opportunities for improvement in our relationships with customers, which generates an opportunity for loyalty.

Cecilia Freire
Marketing and Partner Business Manager - HPE

MTI is a company that supports the processes of demand generation, positioning and contact with customers through a Digital Selling strategy, a key issue for companies that have processes oriented to the B2B market.

They are rigorous, disciplined, they accompany and follow up on opportunities in an efficient manner.

Oscar Forero
Marketing Director at SEIDOR Colombia, Central America and the Caribbean

We have been able to develop a project where, through the initiatives and objectives set, they were able to capture a super-winning strategy to help us generate leads in the Greenlake business in Latin America.

The new normality forced us to be more creative and reach in a different way potential customers and prospects who are important to HPE, and who we must focus on as part of a worldwide strategy to be able to generate new logos and grow our Greenlake business.

The rollout of the project was fast, since the work team is highly proactive and always seeks to move forward from day to day to achieve the agreed objectives, meetings and reports.

Carolina Villalobos Oviedo
GreenLake Hunter LAC - HPE Pointnext Services

I must highlight the professionalism and rigor with which the entire MTI Selling team worked on this project. The results with our client BPC were impressive, taking into account the challenge that working from the structure, processes and modernization represented, we were able to take BPC to the next level in digital Marketing and customer prospecting.

In addition, it was managed to solidly structure a strategy for positioning, approaching and monitoring potential customers. We were able to see this hard work reflected in the numbers obtained: more than 10 industries impacted, 190 new companies added to the database, and more than 1,200 people contacted. As if this were not enough, we managed to close different projects with new lines of business for the channel in a short period of time. We are proud of the results and look forward to continuing to work with you!

Mónica Rodriguez
Trade Marketing Manager NOLA - Dell Technologies

From the beginning, the project was a challenge and very challenging, despite having been in the market for many years, our presence in networks was minimal and we had to strive to obtain results through clear objectives and goals.

The team at He not only advised and instructed us at all times, but also provided us with support and follow-up on all our doubts and queries, always with a friendly and attentive attitude.

All together has allowed the progress of the project, with steps , firm and only in a month and a half we began to see the result of all the team effort, it was something really impressive, since the harvest usually takes longer to germinate.

We feel, not only happy with the team, but honored to be selected for this pilot project by the brands.

Raquel González Barrientos
Gerente de Mercadeo y cuentas - BPC

For several years, we have been using LinkedIn for our business strategy, to generate new customers and maintain the relationship with current customers. The outcomes have been surprising. I highlight the business methodology and the emphasis on habits on the part of MTI Selling, facilitating the internal adoption and the synergy that has strengthened the other activities of the company.

Mónica Retamal
Marketing and Sales Manager LATAM - NISUM

We came to MTI Selling with the aim of improving our prospecting strategy. However, we found a methodology that goes beyond the visible layer, considering different positioning and marketing factors aimed at the final objective of placing ourselves as a reference brand, a methodology that we decided to turn to all our collaborators.

Francisco Mato
CEO - Janis

Together with MTI Selling we have worked on generating demand for our services. We did it through prospecting and positioning strategies with Digital Selling, achieving good outcomes.

It was a very positive experience, as we had the support and follow-up of the whole team during the execution of the whole project.

Paul Wheeler

Working along with MTI has enabled Factor CX to become highly visible. MTI has shown great professionalism and expertise in the field of digital marketing, which has resulted in a significant increase in leads. The project figures reflect this.

Enrique Morales N.
Business Director - Factor CX

I work for a company in the USA as Manager of New Business Development and Operations for Mexico. The time I have to do prospecting is limited, therefore effectiveness is an essential element to maximize use.

Excellent, the times and support presented in each service have been adequate. I consider that including in each session a practical and active part of questions is very functional.

Adriana Infante
Business Development & Operations Manager

MTI has become an important part of our team, aligned with our goals, committed to our success, working closely with our marketing and sales areas. MTI has helped us achieve excellent results in demand generation and positioning, not only because of its great command of social selling, but also because of its ability to be in tune with our business and proactive in proposing improvements.

Valeria Deik
Marketing Director - Azurian

The more personalized my message was (naming a company from the same sector that uses our tool, offering a concrete solution, naming someone we mutually knew to build trust, etc.) the higher my effectiveness rate was.

Demonstrating professionalism, giving quick responses and always looking for the customer's comfort gave me very good results.

Lisi Huwel
Operations Manager at DVELOP PERU

We have maintained a collaborative relationship with MTI for a long time, where they have participated in the growth of 8 partners who have used their funds in marketing outsourcing projects. In addition, they have trained the commercial areas of our partners in 5 highly valuable talks.

I recommend working with MTI for their extensive knowledge and commitment. I have worked together with MTI Selling to carry out webinars for the Marketing Academy. This program consists of monthly webinars with topics that vary, but are focused on training SAP partners in the area of marketing and sales, where whenever MTI Selling participates as a speaker, they give a spectacular talk.

Camila Tello
Experience Marketing & SME Analyst - SAP

Undoubtedly, MTI Selling is a company that I highly recommend. It can help you reach different industries and define your ABM Marketing strategies, to prospect highly qualified leads, as well as to put them in front of different audiences, as they participate in industry events.

Approach these strategies within your companies, so that the services you are providing may evolve, thus having the experience of MTI Selling achieving the success you are looking for.

Alejandro Luna
Country Manager México - Infor

MTI Selling, as an expert ally in Digital Marketing, helped us position little-used manufacturers in Latin America. With their Digital Selling strategy, they generated an adequate plan for Bim Latin America and its manufacturers. In the first 4 months of a 12-year project , managed to double the followers in social networks, effectively reach more than 50 companies with successful meetings and increase the generation of qualified Leads by more than 40%.The work together with Procore, ZWSoft and Trimmble exceeded the expectations of the project, closing deals with some of the leads generated.

Viviana Heredia
Latam General Manager - BIM Latin America

The challenge we presented to MTI was not a simple one, but its execution helped us reach clients in the region with whom we had not previously been able to connect. The team they have is truly excellent, with a proven methodology to deliver the success we expected from this initiative.

Gabriela Dávila
Marketing Manager Caribbean and Central America Region - SoftwareOne

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Frequently asked questions.

How long will it take to see the outcomes?
In MTI Selling you can see outcomes since month 1. We propose a 12-month plan for the process to mature. The first 6 months will be critical for it to be sustainable. Once it is working, a team will ensure continuity in an orderly and methodological fashion to achieve increasingly higher outcomes by means of a continuous improvement process. You should keep in mind that outcomes depend on several factors such as:

- Strength of the corporate image: web, success stories, quality content in social media. -Traction of the target audience. - The size of the target commercial territory. - The existing contact network. - Clarity of the value offer. - The internal sales process and its methodology. - Variety of services and sales tickets. - Type of technology offered to the market. - Type of industry that seeks to be positioned. - The follow-up of the delivered leads on the part of the customer's sales force.

Is the payment method per meeting held or with a monthly fee?
The projects are worked with a fixed monthly fee. This is because we design a comprehensive omnichannel strategy of lead generation, positioning and relationship with customers executed by a multidisciplinary team. Each project is tailored, and the outcomes depend on the factors mentioned above.

How do I know if it is convenient to outsource the marketing area of my B2B company?
What you need to analyze in this regard is whether your company has the structure and resources to constantly feed your pipeline. On the other hand, an analysis should be made on the return and productivity being obtained by investing these internal resources in generating demand and positioning. After analyzing these variables, you should consider whether it is convenient to do it internally or whether it will be more efficient to outsource. We invite you to take a look at our blog article “Advantages of outsourcing demand generation" where we help you analyze it.

What if I prefer to achieve it internally?
If you have decided in your company to carry out Digital Selling strategies but internally, in MTI Selling we can help you design the best strategies through our consulting services, as well as train your team through our business trainings or manage the incorporation of your internal resource with our Staffing service.

What is an SDR?
A Sales Development Representative is responsible for contacting leads who have already been interested in our services and qualifying them to verify that they match the ideal customer profile of the company. An SDR is a professional who can prospect leads using both inbound (qualifying what arrives and generating meetings) and outbound (prospecting and generating meetings) strategies. An SDR works on generating MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads).

What is a BDR?
The difference between an SDR and BDR (Business Development Representative) is that, in addition to contacting interested leads through outbound and inbound strategies, the latter schedules a meeting where a first presentation of the company and its services is made, pre-qualifying the prospect. Therefore, the prospect is even more qualified, getting a sales opportunity or sales qualified lead (SQL).