Marketing as a Service by MTI Selling: The link to completing a winning IT strategy

Marketing as a service


Marketing as a Service by MTI Selling: The link to completing a winning IT strategy

For a long time, the focus of marketing has been on delivering messages and making sure they reach the right audience: shaping a product/service and then determining what to communicate to that specific market.

However, the need to migrate towards personalization implies a new phase: marketing as a service. This is not only limited to targeting the audience, but also involves taking the right next step to meet their needs.

That’s when the concept we already know evolves into Marketing as a Service (MaaS) as an innovative service model that gives companies the opportunity to outsource their marketing needs and processes to marketing experts in order to focus their efforts in other areas.

And guess what?

At MTI Selling we have decided to take the initiative to renew our services by focusing on MaaS in order to provide you with a much more comprehensive service tailored to your needs.

Why should you implement MaaS?

There are several reasons why companies, especially those in the IT industry, should consider implementing Marketing as a Service (MaaS) as part of their overall strategy.

Here are some of the main benefits of MaaS for your company:

1. Expertise and specialized knowledge: Companies that incorporate a MaaS-focused service gain access to teams of highly qualified professionals with extensive expertise in the marketing industry, particularly with regard to the IT field.

2. Focus on measurable results: Unlike traditional marketing strategies, MaaS is characterized by its focus on obtaining concrete and measurable results.

3. Cost reduction and resource optimization: Implementing a marketing strategy internally can involve significant costs associated with hiring specialized staff, acquiring software and tools, and training the team. Companies that outsource these processes reduce their costs, risks and efforts significantly.

4. Access to cutting-edge technologies: MaaS providers are at the forefront of the latest trends and technologies in digital marketing, enabling them to increase their productivity and offer their clients access to innovative methodologies that maximize the reach and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Keep in mind that the IT industry is highly dynamic and constantly evolving. Companies operating in this field require marketing strategies that are agile and adaptable to market changes, new trends and emerging customer demands.

MaaS provides the flexibility needed to adjust marketing strategies in real time. This ensures that the company stays ahead of the curve and takes full advantage of emerging market opportunities.

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